What if change was possible?

| August 31, 2014 | 1 Comments

In this fast changing, overwhelming lives we all immerse ourselves into, how often do we stop and ask a question? How often do we ask for a different possibility to show up? How often do we dare to dream and if we do, do those dreams remain in the “dreams” category or we actively start creating them and turning into a new reality. Reality that works for us, reality that is fun and joyful and reality that empowers and inspires others?
I’d like to invite all of you who will get to read it one day to dare to dream and to know that you have the power and potency to turn those dreams into your reality… What would you like to change in your life? Is it relationships? Finances? Body? Health? Career? WHAT if those changes would be totally possible and even though sometimes not entirely comfortable, they would turn out greater and more amazing that you would even consider possible?
Stay tuned for more….

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  1. Sandy says:

    Gosia, you are a beautiful, bright light and I love how you are such an example of living your life in the question and you’ve been such an inspiration to me… muah! I’ve been doing a lot of asking generative questions each morning so I can open up new doors and create something different. It feels so light and then I follow what shows up in each moment.

    Of course I geeked out and created an audio loop for myself that I play on my phone or computer every morning and then I took it even further and did loops for joyful business, joyful living, receiving more money, creating change… haha I had over 200 questions from all the notes I’ve taken from classes and radio shows – how cool is that? When I saw this post, I wanted to give you a link so you could share them with others who this might contribute to: http://audios.transformationseekersguide.com

    Much love & miss you!

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