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I know, I already wrote about the questions and I’ll try telling you how important it is to stay in a question. ALWAYS!!!
“Ask and You Shall Receive” gets real. No more, “Oh, yeah, I heard that before”, we will do it and I shall show you the easiest (we want easy :o)) way to get what you would like to have in your life.

Before we go there, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what happens when you seek the answer. “Answer and You Shan’t Receive” summarizes it pretty well. The answer stops the flow of energy. You jump into conclusions and make some decisions about what will happen. You solidify it by figuring out how things are and should go. By coming to conclusion or answer you create every possible limitation of your life.

You are the only one that’s powerful enough to stop you and powerful enough to set you free. Which one will you choose?

So, back to the question thing. There are some fun questions you can ask over and over again, like:
“How does it get any better than this?” – you can ask it when things are great (and they will get better and better) or when things are really ugly.
“What else is possible?” is another popular one. Ask it when you feel stuck and don’t know what to do anymore.
“What are the possibilities to…?” -anytime you like to expand your options and receive.
“What would it take for… to show up?” – I guess it clear ;o)
“What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to… (find the perfect home/job/partner/generate more money/to … show up in my life, etc.” – when you are more than ready to receive.
“How could this turn out better than anything I could have ever imagined or planned?” – when you working on a project or starting something.
“What is right about it that I’m not getting?” – every time you go into blame or “poor me” mode.
“What would I like to have show up in my life today?” – why not, right? ;o)

You can also use a question in every situation where you normally would go into judgment or conclusion, like: “What would it take to have this day go easily and smoothly?” – when you have full schedule and fun is not on the list to do ;o)
“What contribution can I be and receive here?” – when you think you need to help someone or solve someone’s problem.

Since everything in the Universe has consciousness, you can ask things/objects/places: “If I buy/rent you will you make me money/contribute to me?” Say to the tress/nature: “Could you, please, contribute your energy to me?”

I hope, by now you have a good idea how to ask questions. It can be difficult at first, since old habits die hard. Please, do your best to remember living in a question, you will be amazed how fast your life will start changing and how easy it is to manifest.

Keep asking questions and the Universe will give you more and more. As long you are willing to receive…

Happy receiving!


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  1. Sherley says:

    Outstanding tips! I have already been hunting for something similar to this for a while now. Many thanks!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Dear Gosia,
    Is it better to stick with one question for a day or a week?
    I tend to ask as many questions as I can think of, especially when I’m not feeling to hot:-) But I wonder about the effectiveness of randomly asking all kinds of questions. Some questions do feel better than others but I’m still not sure what’s the best way to go…What’s your experience?

    • Gosia says:

      Dear Cynthia,
      You can’t go wrong with questions… That’s my interesting point of view… Coming to any kind of conclusion can get us stuck and prevent us from seeing a different possibility. Even if you just stick with How does it get any better then this? and What else is possible? something WILL change!
      Gratitude, ease, bliss,

  3. Sandy says:

    Hey guys, just for fun and to help get into the habit of asking questions I’ve make a recorded loop of the Top 15 generative questions you can ask (and there are other ones I created that are themed for Joyful Business, Receiving More Money, Allowing Change, Making Choices…)

    For me it’s easier to put the audio on my computer or mobile phone so I can call it up anytime I need a refresher or really want to create my future.

    Click this link and you can grab the download too:

    Sandy 🙂

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