Getting out of Victim-hood

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I know, some of you will not want to read this post. It’s quite a difficult topic. We all do it at least from time to time. Some people are thriving on being a victim, some are totally not aware that they are doing it to themselves… What is actually a victim-hood? Well, every time you blame someone or something that happens to you or in your life, you are playing a victim.

We are powerful creators and we choose EVERYTHING in life.

As an Infinite Being could you ever be a victim? Could anyone or anything ever do anything to you? Or this can only happen if you make him/her/them/it greater than you (see: Making Things Significant)? If you choose to function from awareness and consciousness and always access your knowing and being it would be VERY hard to be a victim.

There is one more thing that comes to me when I write this – judgment attached to all the situations where we are feeling like a victim. In order to play a victim we have to judge the person or situation. When you think of all those past lives (for those who don’t believe in that, please skip it, but would an Infinite Being live only once?…) wouldn’t you agree, that there is nothing you haven’t done and no one you haven’t been in the past – the king and the beggar, the healthy and the sick, the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad one, the saint and the thief, the murderer and the murdered, the list goes on a on… Having this in mind, isn’t it a little more difficult to judge people and things for what they have done to us? Chances are, we’ve done it before :o)

You are the only one who is powerful enough to stop you or set you free. And the only one to shrink wrap you and be a victim. Would you now claim and acknowledge how powerful, potent and amazing you are? And be that? And know that? So you will never ever again play your victim role (hood :o))

With Freedom, Ease and Joy,

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