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Oh, Body, Beautiful Body…

| April 5, 2011 | 26 Comments

How many times do you judge your body during any given day? Once? Twice? Did I hear: “Oh, God many many times more than that?…” So, when you look at your body and think of your body, do you see a beautiful gathering of conscious molecules or rather sack of bones, muscles and fat that […]

Light Versus Heavy

| April 3, 2011 | 74 Comments

Do you want to know how to tell truth from lie? Truth will always make you feel light and a lie will always make you feel heavy. It’s when it feels feather light in your chest when you get some good news or someone tells you something really nice. Heavy like when you get a […]

What Stops You from Having it All?

| April 2, 2011 | 32 Comments

Do you know anybody who would like to be in a relationship but is still single? Or someone who want money but is always broke? Or someone who want to be slim and healthy but is round and unhealthy? Why can’t we have what we want? What’s up with that??? Have you ever considered that […]

Making Things Significant…

| April 1, 2011 | 128 Comments

Did you know that by making anything significant, you are giving away your power? Nothing and no one can be bigger than you. Be the infinite being that you truly BE. It’s easy, joyful and fun! To be continued, with Ease and Joy… Gosia Did you like that? For more, read up the blog […]

Join Us Every Monday

| February 12, 2011 | 3 Comments

Join us every Monday @ 10:00 am at Eco-Bean, Tarpon Spring’s only Organic Coffee House, for an Access Consciousness class.

Quantum Transformations now has a website!

| February 3, 2011 | 1 Comments

We are currently developing Quantum Transformation’s website.  Take a look around, and contact us with your thoughts.