Are You Buying People’s Stories?

| April 13, 2011 | 5 Comments

How many times a day are you listening to people’s stories? How many times a day are you running stories in your head? And I mean your own stories… Aren’t we addicted to stories? Story is just a story, no more, no less-not a reality, not a truth. What if the story was a way to justify the limitations of people’s life and reality? “I would do it, but…”, “It wasn’t really possible for me to do it, because…”, “I can’t do it, because…” This is a way for people to justify all the “don’ts” in their lives.

When you listen to someone’s story and buy into it, you are not helping or being nice, you are actually solidifying the situation, fueling someone’s limitations and excuses. The only way to empower someone (and yourself) is to start asking questions: “What would it take to change this?” “What else is possible?” “How does it get any better than this?”

When you ask a question, miracles happen! Question has to be answered, this is one of the laws of the Universe. Ask and you shall receive. Go ahead and try, you’ll be amazed.

There is one side effect, though… You will change and your life will change, are you ready? :o)


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